30 unsure steps to my seat (2013)

30 unsure steps to my seat guides the audience through a multi-layered experience of movement and touch through sight deprivation. Kinesthetic exchange between dancers and blind audience members builds intimacy and personal connection to the movement. Sound created by the dance layers into their experience. Over the course of the piece, this tactile exchange combined with choreographed structures offers a completely new way to experience movement with all senses: sight, tough, sound, and kinesthetic empathy.
Premiered at NextFest Northwest
Produced by Velocity Dance Center
— *Tectonicmarrowsociety.com/works

Choreography: Coleman Pester (Asst. Erica Badgeley)

Music: Nico Tower
Lighting Design: Amiya Brown
Dancers: Erica Badgely, Victoria Jacobs, Erin McCarthy, Coleman Pester, Fausto Rivera, Markieth Wiley

Unabridged musical score

Photos by Nico Tower