I Still Love You
(still not officially released)

I've not told a single soul that this album is available. It's not technically out, so if you're reading this, it's because you were digging. Thank you.

This album is an interesting creature. It marks my transition into my current musical aesthetic. I began recording it in 2009 in Mankato, MN at Two Fish Studios. Wes Schuck and Kyle Wege engineered and edited the initial wave of raw tracks. The record was initially intended to be released under an independent label called No Alternative Media Group.

My life was in San Diego at the time, and the wonderful folks at the label realized that they could best help me by letting me pay them for the studio time they had provided, and go on my own trajectory with the raw tracks. I took the tracks back to San Diego, and delved into production with Elkin (of Mimi Zulu). Guitar, bass, vocals, and drums were recorded at Two Fish, and we brought many of our talented San Diego musician friends on board for additional tracks. We blended the tracks with electronic beats we had created prior to my trip to MN. We finished the record in 2011, just in time for me to move to San Francisco.

While I was there, I sat on the record. I didn't want to release it until I could perform the tracks with my new computer integrated setup. Through the vehicle of those compositions, I spent two years learning Ableton Live inside and out (anyone who knows it inside and out will tell you that it's not actually possible to know all of that program;). 

I moved to Seattle ready to release the album in late 2012. I have not yet officially released it. I am now abstracting it into a stage performance with Seattle choreographer Maya Soto. We were awarded a creative residency which we will utilize to develop the piece.

It is here online to listen to and buy, but it's kind of a secret. Enjoy.

Songs written and performed by Nicole Torres

Recorded by Wes Schuck and Kyle Wege; Mankato, MN

Produced and mixed by Nicole Torres and Elkin; San Diego, CA

Drums: Cameron Johnson
Bass: Wes Schuck*, Anthony Molinaro*, Elkin*
Trumpet: Paul Ruiz
Cajon: Lisa Viegas
Percussion: Chad Farran*
Flute: Christopher Lawhead*
Electric Guitar: John Alexander*

*Musician engineered his/her own instrument recording.